Friday, July 31, 2009

When it rains, it pours

So we'll be pouring lots of ice cold beers in the Billiard Room of the Octagon. When you arrive at the big white building, instead of walking around the side to the water, just head right into the lobby (the door is below a columned balcony) and go up the spiral staircase in the rotunda to the second floor. We'll be right there. Call me if you have questions or problems! 917.232.1393.

Also, for those driving, your parking options are as follows:
1. Park in the garage in our building (I think its about $20, what a racket). The entrance to the garage is on the north side of the building. You just use a credit card to enter and exit. From inside the garage, take whichever elevator bank you can find (you'll have to use the intercom to get the lobby to let you in the door) and go to the second floor. Head towards the center of the building (the rotunda).

2. Park in the visitor parking directly out front of the building. I have no idea if they tow or not. The concierge/desk people will probably warn you first, but don't necessarily take my word for it.

3. There's a municipal garage right under the Roosevelt Island bridge (you enter it right as you get off the bridge). Not sure of the cost. If you park there, go down to ground level and take the red bus right outside the Gristedes a couple stops to the Octagon. Come on up to the second floor.

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