Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introductions: Lula & Stephie

We have two cats, Lula and Stephie. They're sisters, and inseparable. We adopted them from the North Shore Animal League on a whim in January of 2007, and they have been mostly a delight since then. Everybody always says that their cats are so cute and so funny and do really crazy things, because they have some misguided sense that their critters are in some way special. BUT OURS REALLY ARE. They're hilarious. They chirp at birds. Its amazing.

Stephie is the larger sister, who often gets called "Fat Kitty." She tolerates this with the utter lack of concern typical of most felines (that's her in the snow).

Lula, also known as "Puffy Face," is the little runt. She's like a miniature cat, and has the delightful quality of never having grown out of that giant-eyed-kitten look (that's her to the right). She's less affectionate than the Fat Kitty, but that's okay because she sometimes stands up on her haunches like a meerkat. And that makes up for anything.

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