Monday, July 27, 2009

There Will Be Beer

I drink your milkshake HoneyMoon Summer Ale, I drink it up!

Hope y'all are planning on joining us for some waterfront chilling and grilling this Friday. Party is on rain-or-shine. If it rains, we'll move the festivities indoors to The Octagon's Club/Billiard room, on the second floor in the rotunda. Keep checking here for details.

In case you're confused about where the park is, here's a handy diagram. Once you get off the tram or subway, you'll board the RIOC Red Bus (they all go to the same place, just hop on and pay your quarter), and take it to The Octagon, which is the last stop before the bus loops back and returns to the tram/subway. The diagram below shows where the bus stop is, and which way you should walk to find us. (Click on the image for a full-size version.)

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  1. AHAHA! So excited for your party! Blog about something else now :)